Monday, February 8, 2016

Prized Possession

An old book, grandparent's photograph, a die-cast metal toy car or a wine bottle; anything can mount up to a prized possession. Somehow Austin never had one and didn't think of anything or anyone as a prized possession till he set his eyes on her

The first time Austin saw her, he could only catch a glimpse of hers as the man with whom she was, was almost hiding her.But whatever he saw, made him yearn to see her closely. There was an instant connection; an instant fire within and he felt numb with her thoughts. He wanted to make her his companion. He longed to touch her, hold her and kiss her gently. Her dreams chased him throughout the nights, and this become apparent looking at his every morning.

One morning, while at club, luck shined on him and he got the opportunity to see her again. The man had her by his side and Austin's heart yearned for her. With the hope, to see her closely, he left his cabin and walked upto the man, for his profile as vice president of the club, it wasn't unusual to greet the guests at the club, and that made it easy. But to his disappointment, she was no where to be seen when he reached to shake hands with the man. They introduced each other briefly and Austin quickly learnt that the man was a shrewd, and this made her sympathise with her even more, assuming her state with him. Austin also learnt during the conversation, that the man wasn't too happy with her either. In fact, he was continuously whining. It almost felt as if he was planning to get rid of her soon. He saw this as an opportunity and planted the seed of his intention to meet her, without pressing too hard. His dream finally seemed like a near future reality, and he just waited restlessly.

One afternoon on Austin's  day off, he received a call from the Marksman Range Club stating a gentleman wanted to see him immediately. He assumed that it would be some brat or filthy rich old tart having issues with membership. He drove past the grasslands, which kissed the distant horizon, the golden sun was now peering straight into his face but his eyes were still clouded with her thoughts. To his surprise, as he reached the reception, the same man was waiting for him impatiently. He said that he was leaving overseas and didn't want to take her along and asked Austin to find a caretaker for her. This was the chance even Austin didn't dream, but the joy was priceless. He didn't show the excitement but smiled. A couple of drinks with him, a good meal and signing a few documents is all it took to realise his dream of being with her.

That night Austin walked home with her by his side. Soon he found himself lying with her on the bed and admiring her from dusk to dawn. That was the beginning of their life together, and now after nearly 2 decades, he still is madly in love with her and she accompanies him all around. When she isn’t with him, she lies leisurely in her muslin cushioned bed lazing in her fragrant compartment, which was specially designed from Egypt. Even at this age, she is sleek yet sturdy, dark yet deep, smooth yet piercing and never misses to kiss the place where he wants her. Yes, Austin finally found his prized possession, his treasured Smith & Wesson 9mm Handgun.

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